by:Nathan and Alexander

Our rhyming storys

Once there was a big fat cat that liked to suck on a bat.He liked to jump on a hump.
He like to rat tat tat on his green hat.He went into a bat on a mat.
A big fat man sat on a mat then he yelled at a cat.The cat ran away with some yellow hay.
A man went into the war and did a chore.He sat on the floor.
A big fat cat sat on the hat and the little cat cried.
A dino wants a lineo with a cat thats holding a big bat.
     The end

Games I Like On The XBox 360

I like NBA on xbox 360 I am always the team lakers.I always face the team the kings but I always lose :(.

I like hockey on xbox 360 I am always the fake team 170’s they have the highest states all of them are 99.I always win I get higher then 5 goals :).

I like Minecraft on xbox 360.I like playing with friends so if you want to play with friends you need to be online.I have 6 diamonds then I spent it on 2 diamond pick axes.I am the king of coal on minecraft I found 500 peices of coal on Minecraft.